Morgan Wallan Scores First Solo Chart-Topping Hit With “Whiskey Glasses”

The follow-up to “Up Down” collaboration with Florida Georgia Line proves to be an even bigger hit.

When his career was riding high with “Up Down,” there were many who assumed Morgan Wallen would never approach the top of the charts again. This has proven to be false as the Big Loud Records riser has once-again topped the charts. And, as if to put those original assumptions to rest,  This time, he’s topped the charts on his own merits with a song that also managed something “Up Down” couldn’t; it topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart not once, but twice.

"Never had I dreamed I'd be celebrating a #1 song, so the fact that this is two in a row is mind-blowing to me," Wallen shares with Billboard. "I'm thankful for everyone who has believed in me since day one: the Lord, my team, my family, my fans and my friends at Country radio. This song is a special one, and I'm just getting started."

The rising star’s “Whiskey Glasses” has not only topped Hot Country Songs chart, but it’s also topped both major country music radio airplay charts, the Billboard Country Airplay and the Country Aircheck/Mediabase charts. The song has impressed at Spotify where it remains the the most-streamed country song in the USA with 219 million streams to date (a global figure). The song was written by Ben Burgess and Kevin Kadish and was featured on Wallen’s soon too be RIAA-certified debut album If I Know Me.


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    having consecutive #1 singles isn't that rare Whitney Houston had 7 #1's between 1985 and 1990 Mariah Carey had 5 back to back from her first 2 albums from August 1990 to October 1991 and another string of five between October 1993 and May 1996 and another five between October 1997 and February 2000 and 3 from May 2005-May 2008 granted those 18 #1's include 1 cover song the Jackson 5's I'll Be There from 1992's MTV Unplugged Ep and are from 2 labels Columbia Records and Island Def Jam Records she was the top selling Artist of the 1990's each of her albums reached at least triple platinum in the US and four of them reached #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart