Ty Herndon Releases Re-Imagined Version of "What Mattered Most"

Country star shares a different take on "What Mattered Most," perhaps his most-cherished and iconic hit, announces forthcoming album set for an August 2019 bow.

In honor of June being LGBTQ Pride Month, Ty Herndon had revisited the single which made him a household name. With “What Mattered Most,” Herndon has changed the pronouns of the song to reflect his affection in the song for another man and it reflects hendon’s true self as he came out back in 2014. The song was released on June 4, 2019. Also, while premiering the new version of his classic hit, Herndon has announced his new album Got It Covered, a record which reimagines hits and covers some of his favorite songs, will hit stores and DSP's via BFD/The Orchard August 23, 2019. It’s just another step in the career which has brought him 20 (and counting) hits and over five million albums sold.

Herndon made news when he came when he publicly came out as gay in November of 2014. In 2015, he hosted the first-of-its-kind country music event, “The Concert For Love And Acceptance” and garnered national attention for the event and more.

Look for details about Got It Covered to be featured here in the coming weeks.