Album Review: Sister Hazel - "Wind"

The veteran band returns with another collection of satisfying, career-defining music.

What does a band do if their hit making days at radio are seemingly behind them? That’s a tricky thing to answer, especially when the band has stayed remarkably consistent and has morphed from Adult Alternative Rock to basically country/rock, but only as genres themselves have changed. Sister Hazel is that band and since 2015 they’ve basically been showcasing that they fit well within mainstream country music and perhaps that’s where the hard touring band always belonged. In early 2018 they released the Water EP, a collection of seven new songs which focused on the water element as a source of life and reflection and their new EP Wind focuses on sound, which is carried by the wind.

And listening to their two EP’s back to back, it’s easy to see why Sister Hazel is excited for their musical direction. This is clearly a band firing on two cylinders and they have two more EPs in the series coming in the future. On Wind, the band is clearly in a jovial mood with songs which just tickle the eardrum (like “You’ll Be Safe Here,” “Whirlwind Girl” and “Come A Day”) and elegant on the sweetly romantic “In Two,” a song which is ready for a movie soundtrack moment.

One of Sister Hazel’s greatest gifts is that the band is a true musical collective who expertly write, produce and play the music you hear. And while strong writers, they’re also smart enough to choose outside songs from time to time and on this EP, that song is “You’ll Be Safe Here.” The EP closes out with the second in the series of songs about Elements.