Album Review: Carter Winter - "Temptation"

With this collection of songs, singer/songwriter Carter Winter shows why the buzz is building for his future in country music.

The first thing that grabs you about Carter Winter’s music is that rich baritone voice. Then you hear the lyrics on his songs and you’re left wondering “where did this guy come from?” Well, he’s from Ohio and is the newest artist signed to Average Joes Entertainment. Together they've issued the late 2018 release, Temptation. The production on the album, while current and of the moment, works in service of his lyrics which can veer into clever lyrical turns (“Chaser”) and brute honesty ("Trouble"). The way the production of the title track “Temptation” blends into the lyrics showcases a song that is as strong as anything you’ll hear on country radio and a great showcase for where Carter Winter’s music is going.

Sensual lyrics are joined by production that recalls a modern Ronnie Milsap style song while the observational story song “Skylines” has future hit written all over it. The closing track of Temptation, “Another Lie,” showcases the traditional country style that Carter Winter grew up appreciating and showcases a why he’s a country singer. It’s the cold hard truth. There are many new artists making their way in Nashville but perhaps few are as talented as Carter Winter showcases himself to be on Temptation.