Devin Dawson Debuts at Bluebird; Ed Sheeran Guests During Round

The first ever show at The Bluebird Cafe will for Devin Dawson ("All On Me") featured Amy Wadge, David Hodges and Jillian Jacqueline. See how Sheeran surprised those in attendance during the writer's round at the world famous venue.

Nashville is a place where many get to experience firsts but not many firsts involve one of the world's biggest pop stars. On a night which would forever be #epic for the rising star behind "All On Me," Devin Dawson's night got considerably more #epic when pop star Ed Sheeran joined Devin's first ever writer's round at the world famous The Bluebird Cafe. Sheeran, who also showed up as a surprise guest at Bruno Mars' tour stop in Nashville, was at The Bluebird Cafe to support his friend, singer/songwriter Amy Wadge. Wadge co-worte the massive hit "Thinking Out Loud" (among other songs) and was part of the round with David Hodges, Jillian Jacqueline and Dawson. Dawson, who hit #1 on the country charts with his debut single "All On Me" earlier in 2018, was quite excited for the opportunity to play at the Nashville institution saying:

“Last night I played The Bluebird Cafe for the first time,” said Dawson. “For a guy who has revered Nashville, country music and songwriting for so long, this was such a HUGE moment for me. I was surrounded by the people I love and admire and we poured our hearts and souls out like only the Bluebird’s atmosphere would allow. We told stories, played songs people recognized and also surprised everyone with songs (and guests) they might not have expected. The imperfections were perfect and the vibe was truly abundant. Thank you so much to The Bluebird Cafe and my Nashville family for yet another reminder that I am indeed in the right place at the right time. What a surreal night I will never forget!”

Wadge has penned several pop hits, including the Grammy-winning “Thinking Out Loud.” The track was cut by her international pop superstar co-writer Ed Sheeran, who just so happened to be sitting in the audience and joined Wadge in the round for a performance of the song.

Dawson planned the round and co-wrote and duets with Jacqueline on "I Can't Trust Myself" while former Evanescence guitarist/writer/vocalist Hodges co-wrote "Placebo" from Dawson's Jay Joyce-produced Atlantic Nashville debut Dark Horse.