Mitchell Tenpenny "Telling All My Secrets" Tracklist & Cover Art

Check out the complete tracklist for the rising singer/songwriter's debut album for Riser House/Columbia Records.

Mitchell Tenpenny has been around Nashville his entire life, as the grandson of industry veteran and first female CEO of Sony/ATV Publishing, Donna Hilley. After writing hits and tracks for others (including Granger Smith’s “If The Boot Fits”), Mitchell teamed up with Riser House Records for a record deal which lead to his current home with Riser House/Columbia Records. The first single from that label, “Drunk Me,” has become his break-out hit, hitting the country radio Top 10 and, now, certified Gold by the RIAA. On Friday December 14, 2018, Mitchell will drop his major label debut Telling All My Secrets.

“The secret is out,” Tenpenny shared directly with fans yesterday. “So thankful to finally share what I’ve been working on with y’all.” The title track “Telling All My Secrets” is available now with pre-order HERE.

As a songwriter, Mitchell Tenpenny co-wrote the entire 11 track album, including his take on “Alll On You,” a song he wrote with and for American Idol winner Nick Fradiani’s “Hurricane” album. Other co-writers on the album include hit writers Hillary Lindsey, Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson, Josh Home, Andrew Albert, Justin Ebach and Steven Dale Jones along with fellow country star Devin Dawson. There’s one song, the divisive “Bitches,” that’s not an official part of the album but is available as a bonus track on the vinyl and digital album versions.

“I’m proud of the success of a track like ‘Bitches.’ It is always a favorite at our shows but for a new listener I understand it could be a bit divisive. The song isn’t about girls or guys, it is about cheaters and liars and haters and bullies. I hate bullies and I hate people that pick on others.” says Tenpenny of the song. “Sometimes there is only one word for a certain emotion. In this case it was bitch. I’m excited to ‘share all my secrets’ on this album so fans get the full picture of what I’m about.”



Telling All My Secrets Tracklist | with songwriters:

1. Truck I Drove in High School | Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan Schmidt/Andrew Albert/Devin Dawson

2. Alcohol You Later | Mitchell Tenpenny/Sam Sumser/Michael Lotten

3. All On You | Mitchell Tenpenny/Andrew Albert/Nick Fradiani/Jordan Schmidt

4. Goner | Mitchell Tenpenny/Andrew Albert/Jordan Schmidt

5. Chance Worth Taking | Mitchell Tenpenny/Josh Hoge/Matthew McVaney

6. I Get the Picture | Mitchell Tenpenny/Alex Kline/Michael Whitworth

7. Drunk Me | Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan Schmidt/Justin Wilson

8. Somebody's Got Me | Mitchell Tenpenny/Hillary Lindsey/Jordan Schmidt

9. Somebody Ain't You | Mitchell Tenpenny/Thomas Archer/Dallas Wilson

10. Telling All My Secrets | Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan Minton/Dallas Wilson

11. Walk Like Him | Mitchell Tenpenny/Justin Ebach/Steven Dale Jones