Ryan Kinder Takes a “Leap Of Faith” With New Project

One of the best new talents to arrive in Nashville has returned to the scene with a hot new three song "single" that's only a hint at what's to come in the coming months and years.

Plenty of artists have ‘war stories’ about their time with record labels and losing “the way” while there and sure, Ryan Kinder could tell a similar tale but really, he’s ready to take what he learned during his time with the majors and build off that platform with his newest project The Road. A three song EP which previews his upcoming album, the songs speak of where he’s been and where Ryan’s going.

“These songs are exactly who I am,” says Ryan. “They explain who I am as an artist both tonality and as a songwriter and show the way forward.”

He also knows who he is as an artist. He’s a country singer. But while the genres have all melded together these days, Ryan’s describes it as a “rip roaring rock with a side of sweet southern soul country.”

He’s really proof that country music is more about the storytelling than necessarily what the music sounds like as he rips into the guitarist gem “Leap of Faith” and then sings of his home state like “Alabama” where the groove joins the lyric to tell the story of the push and pull he feels for that home state. The acoustic nature of “Stay” showcases Kinder’s romantic side.

Set to release a full length album sometime in 2019, Ryan Kinder is working hard on finishing the record but in the meantime, you can be sure that the rising singer/songwriter/guitarist is working hard to match what he’s written so far and if the three tunes he’s released since becoming a member of the independent leagues are any indication, the full length record promises to be one of next year’s best releases.