David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney Hit #1 With “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

It’s taken 23 years but David Lee Murphy has topped the country radio airplay charts with a single once again.

It didn’t take long for country radio to embrace David Lee Murphy’s return to the format as an artist and a big reason for that is the assist he received from friend and superstar co-producer Kenny Chesney. The song, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is a song that was ripe for our times with a hopeful message of positive vibes and moving on and how things are just better when you take the positive over the negative.

The song now is a #1 hit single and was celebrated on the road this past weekend as it hit #1 on the country radio charts. “When Kenny asked me about making a record, I thought that sounded like a whole lot of fun,” says Murphy, the man Chesney calls “the original Hillbilly Rock Star.” “I love to make music, just as much as I love writing songs. So, we went in without expectations, and I wouldn’t have imagined this. But it sure feels good.”

“David Lee is the kind of artist who’s timeless,” Chesney says. “He writes real country songs for right now, and he understands people. I wanted that voice out there, and I’m so glad country radio agreed! I’ve joked, ‘I’m just glad David Lee let me sing on this one,’ but it’s kind of true. I remember when he was having hits, thinking just how good he was – and it’s great to be part of something he’s part of, let alone his first No. 1 record since ‘Dust on the Bottle.’”

Yes, that’s right, it’s been 23 years since David Lee Murphy hit #1 with a timeless song which remains a favorite on country radio to this day. Something that could be said about a lot of the songs he’s written for other artists like Chesney (“Pirate Flag,” “Living in Fast Forward”), Jason Aldean (“The Only Way I Know,” “Big Green Tractor”), Blake Shelton (“The More I Drink”), Thompson Square (the GRAMMY-nominated “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”), Gary Allan (“A Feelin’ Like That”), Jake Owen ("Anywhere With You") and Reba (“Red Roses (Won’t Work Now)”).

Murphy, for his part, has always been excited to have his songs out there on the charts. “It feels good,” the songwriter says. “To know my music is hitting this kind of place in people’s hearts… That’s the reason I write these songs: to make people feel something about their life. So, the response when I play it live, now with the No. 1, is everything I could hope for, and I am so grateful to the Reviver Records team for believing, and to country radio for letting this music be heard. That’s how the dots get connected.”