Album Review: Davisson Brothers Band - “Fighter”

West Virginia natives (and Australian favorites) latest album showcases why they have join best of country and southern rock bands in America and abroad.

It’d be easy to dismiss the Davisson Brothers Band as yet another “bar band” getting a chance but when you actually listen to this album, Fighter, You see they’re not JAB (‘just another band'). In fact, take a listen to the empowering “Breathe,” a song about being able to move on from other chapters in our lives. The melody and instrumentation from the band suits the southern rock anthem that “Breathe” is while the songwriting rivals anything from the musical catalogs of artists like Travis Meadows.

“Didn’t Come Here To Leave” rocks in all the right places and finds Davisson Brothers Band working their harmonic magic as they talk about their rise to where they are now. The production from Keith Stegall showcases a belief in their talent and artistry as he’s not one to work with just anyone. The title track, “Fighter” brings the band back to their southern rock roots and it’s a sound the Davisson Brothers Band do well while the lyrics talk of the kind of friends they have declaring “if you fight one, you fight us all.”

The Davisson Brothers Band’s most similar sonic comparison, really, is Montgomery Gentry. the music on Fighter clearly recalls the kind of honest, hard working man’s music that is just damn fun to listen to. It’s about pride. Being proud of who you are (“Po Boyz”), where you’re from (“Appalacian American”), and your ability to stand tall (“Fighter”) and know that hard work pays off (“Didn’t Come Here To Leave”) especially after you’ve had to go through hell (“Breathe”) to get there.