EP Review: Kalie Shorr - “Awake”

The rising star, one of our ones to watch for 2018, showcases why excitement for her music has been building over the past year or two.

It’s never been easier to get your music and name out there but that has only made it harder to get your music into the right hands, the team an artist needs to build their career and grow. They need managers, agents, a song publisher, and of course the producer. You can start with any of those but you need one. Now armed with all of these things, Kalie Shorr is ready to shoot out of a cannon with her distinctive brand of country pop as featured on new EP Awake.

Smartly releasing new EPs in each of the past three years (’16, ’17, ’18), Kalie has grown both as an artist and a songwriter over the course of these EPs. Now, with the release of her third EP Awake, Kalie feels ready and, with the steady hand of songwriter Skip Black twisting the knobs and managing the ones and zeros, that growth is massive over the course of these seven songs. Blessed with a voice that is as soft as Taylor Swift in places and powerful as Jana Kramer in others, Kalie Shorr showcases radio-ready hits like “Two Hands” and “Backseat” while “Cool Kids,” with it’s mid-tempo groove, finds Shorr being proud of the woman she is, no matter if she’s not one of those ‘cool kids.’ Instead, she’ll be her own brand “Cool.”

The title track is an empowering song about realizing that you’re better not being in a toxic relationship. Meanwhile, “Candy” has a staccato Swift-like cadence to it’s melody and lyric and that makes it an interesting song in itself. Finally, the Funky “Who What Where When Why” has attitude to spare and if I were choosing a single, that would be the one I’d release to mainstream radio stations. It makes a statement. And that’s exactly what this entire Awake EP makes: A Statement.