Album Review: Chris Janson - “Everybody”

Sophomore album for Warner Brothers Records proves why Chris Janson persevered through multiple broken record label deals to thrive and grow into a potential superstar.

Even as his “Buy Me A Boat” single was making everyone stand up and take notice of Chris Janson in 2015, I had been talking up the dynamic performer and songwriter every chance I got for years before that. He’s consistently made strong music and that single and subsequent album of the same name showcased this. Now, it’s usually hard for an artist to make an even better album than their first one but given the multiple times Chris Janson has recorded albums for other labels (only to see those projects shelved), he’s been able to grow into the artist he always had the potential to be. And when the songs match the performance ability Chris Janson has, it’s easy to use one word superstar.

Everything about the dozen tracks on Everybody feels tighter, more cohesive than anything I’ve heard from Chris Janson in the past. “Name On It” is radio ready but it’s the opening two tracks “Who’s Your Farmer” and “Everybody” which showcase why Chris Janson is a radio star. Add in the 1980s-like mid tempo ballad “Eyes For Nobody” and sentimental “Bein’ A Dad” and you’ve got everything you could want from a modern country record.

But, as good as these songs on Everybody are, it’s the closer “Drunk Girl” which is easily the best song Chris Janson has ever recorded. On the surface the title would suggest a song which is going to be a raucous raver about party girls but instead it’s a song about the kind of guy every father hopes their daughters will meet, the kind who doesn’t take advantage of an inebriated young woman for personal gain. Instead, the narrator takes them home, puts them to rest and leaves a note. It’s a powerful closing note and the buzz worthy second single (after “Fix A Drink”) which is getting early consideration for CMA song of the year nomination but to me it’s even better than that, it’s a simple, powerful song which is definitely Chris Janson’s signature song and a perfect closing song to a well-curated album sure to make Chris Janson a headlining superstar before 2018 is over.