Album Review: Carly Pearce - “Every Little Thing”

Anchored by the Top 10 hit title track, "Every Little Thing" announces the arrival of an artist who is at the top of her game with her very first album, an album which feels like the first of many to come.

Depth. That’s one word that comes to mind when listening to Every Little Thing, Carly Pearce’s debut for Big Machine Records. There’s a depth in the lyrics of her songs (most of which come from her fountain pen), there’s a depth in her powerful vocal which recalls stellar vocalists of the past and finally, a depth in busbee’s production that allows for Carly to be the artist that she is. For example, “If I My Name Was Whiskey” could’ve been cliched in many ways but the production on the track allows for a focus on Carly’s powerful, emotive vocals and lyrical content.

“Careless” has a fresh, yet familiar, blend of percussive loops and lyrics about a guy who plays with her heart; the kind of guy who is fast to say ‘I love you’ but doesn't really mean it. It’s and empowering track that should connect with many. Attitude drips out of “Everybody Gonna Talk” while “I Need A Ride Home” has a vulnerability and honesty that speaks to anyone who ever gets homesick for where they grew up. The title track “Every Little Thing” is the song that — as of this review and album release week — is a Top 10 hit, Carly’s first as a singer. Listening to the subtle way she tells a familiar story of a relationship gone and how memories of it linger.

“Doin’ It Right” talks about the time in a relationship where a slick-talking man who plays hard to get (or on some “bro code” like game) and Carly just wants to remind him that she knows exactly what he’s doing. Meanwhile, “You Know Where To Find Me” talks of a woman who has the relationship where her partner is able to bring peace and calm in her life, no matter how chaotic it might get. Sometimes guys can be so thick that we can’t see the signs of someone’s interests and “Dare Ya” is all about the way a girl sends the signs and is ‘waiting’ for them. Finally, “Hide The Wine” has a groove and a relationship-based lyric while “Honeysuckle” has an intoxicating percussive melody that just sticks in your brain.

With a blend of sounds that recall Lady Antebellum, Trisha Yearwood, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert, Carly Pearce is ready to take her spot as one of country music’s go-to artists for great material. Every Little Thing is a record that expands on the hit title song’s theme of life and love and the meaning of and that’s really where the album sits thematically. It’s a record about relationships, a very good one, at that.