Lee Brice - “Lee Brice” Album Tracklist & Cover Art

The multi-faceted artist behind the rising hit “Boy” returns with 15 track new record which features Warren Haynes and Edwin McCain.

After a brief time away from the limelight to breathe and help his wife raise their family, Lee Brice returns on November 3 with his self-titled album for Curb Records. The album, which was co-produced by Brice, features guitar icon Warren Haynes, noted singer/songwriter Edwin McCain and songs co-written by Jaren Johnston, Ross Copperman, Rhett Akins, Billy Montana, Kyle Jacobs, Lance Miller, Matraca Berg, Jon Stone and McCain.

Always an emotive vocalist like Garth Brooks, Brice decided this time to make the most personal and organic album he could make.
“So, this album I wanted to be a real organic thing: I play 99% of the lead guitar, my band’s on it – and there’s even a Theremin, which I had to learn to play.  When I started, I wanted this record to be groovy, stripped down to the message and the feel."

“There are no computer tricks, no artificial sounds. Songs that are pleasing to the heart — songs that make you feel something in your heart — they don’t need all that stuff,” Brice explains. "Even when it sounds like a computer, I promise, we figured out a way to make that sound. To me, being real was everything. I wanted to put a little piece of everything about me, everything I am on this record. No two songs are about the same things, but somehow it all hangs together.”

One song, “Stories To Tell” evokes classic Bruce Hornsby songs while featuring Edwin McCain.

“My hero came to my garage, and we wrote two songs,” he marvels. “Before I came to town, I knew Edwin McCain and his music; went to his concert every year at the House of Blues. Those records, I knew by heart growing up… and he has a lot of the same Southern influences. He knows those same things that matter to me, they’re in his music."


Lee Brice Lee Brice Tracklist and Songwriters

  1. What Keeps You Up At Night (Lee Brice, Jessi Alexander, Ross Copperman, Pete Wilson)
  2. Little Things (Lee Brice, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)
  3. American Nights (Mike Walker, Austin Jenckes, Jeff Middleton)
  4. Boy (Jon Nite, Nicolle Galyon)
  5. They Won’t Forget About Us (Lee Brice, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley)
  6. I Don’t Smoke (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Jon Stone, John Bollinger) *Warren Haynes/Guitars
  7. You Can’t Help Who You Love (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Ashley Gorley)
  8. Rumor (Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Ashley Gorley)
  9. The Locals (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Brian Bunn)
  10. Songs In The Kitchen (Lee Brice, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller)
  11. Story To Tell (Little Bird) (Lee Brice, Phillip Lammonds, Edwin McCain)
  12. Have A Good Day (Lee Brice, Billy Montana, Randy Montana)
  13. Even With My Eyes Closed (Jaren Johnston, Michael Heeney, Neil Mason)
  14. Dixie Highway (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Matraca Berg)
  15. Best Part Of Me (Phillip Lammonds, Chris Gelbuda)