Album Review: Russell Dickerson - “Yours”

Rising star behind the Gold-certified title hit has crafted a record that stands out from the pack in all the right ways.

After a few years of working on his craft as an artist in and around Nashville, Russell Dickerson rode the wave of success from “Yours” to be the flagship artist signed to Triple Tigers Records and he was a smart - if not a bit outside of the box - choice to launch the label. He certainly had the hit as “Yours” not only was still growing with audiences, but it was becoming the hit of the summer for weddings and will be a song used for such occasions for years to come (it doens't get old upon repeated listens either). But while one song doesn’t make an artist a star, it is a great start. Fortunately for Russell Dickerson, Yours — the album — has plenty of potential hits contained within it.

Working with Casey Brown as his co-writer and co-producer, Russell Dickerson has a cohesive album in Yours. All of the dozen songs were written by the duo with songwriter Parker Welling and together, they make for a dynamic writing team. The lyrical details held within the record (take a listen to the first verse of “Yours” to see a perfect example) helps everything stand out from the pack. “Blue Tacoma” may have a familiar theme of life together with one you love, but it just has a feel that’s different. “Billions” has a distinct pop vibe but it’s the kind of pop music that is of the moment (with the reggae vibe) with a sing-a-long ready chorus about love is as good as money. “All Fall Down,” too has a distinct pop/country vibe. Again, the lyrical detail helps the song stand out as the production brings about a silky, soulful vibe.

“You Look Like A Love Song” may be the stand out moment on “Yours,” a song with the throwback soul vibe that has begun to permeate through country music’s mainstream. “MGNO” is all about a girl having a night out (the title means My Girl’s Night Out”) and musically is a fun, tempo-filled jam. “Would You Love Me” keeps the country/pop sing-a-long vibe to it. The conversational nature to the lyrics and melodies are clearly what stands out to me the most about the entirety of Yours. This is an artist with something to say and the kind of record that shows that Nashville doesn’t need the same two or three songwriters and producers creating, the city is full of creative talent like Russell Dickerson ready to impact the world.