Independent Lens: Erin Enderlin

Get to know more about Erin Enderlin, the award-winning songwriter and singer, and her latest album "Whiskeytown Crier" in our latest indepentent lens, a feature designed to spotlight independent Country and Americana artists.

Originally recorded some years ago in the same sessions which produced Singer/songwriter Erin Enderlin's first commercially-released EP, Whiskeytown Crier is her second full length in chronological order but it should've been her first.

"It's been a longtime coming," says Erin. "And it finally found its way, in the way I had envisioned." Featuring fourteen tracks, some of which were on that EP, the album was produced by Jamey Johnson and Jim "Moose" Brown who allowed Erin the room to make the record what it is, a fierce collection of honest to god Country Music.

The album is notable for featuring guests including some of country music's finest vocalists in Ricky Skaggs, Jessi Alexander,Jon Randall, Randy Houser and a before he was famous Chris Stapleton. "Chris was someone we all knew about," says Erin. "He was already successful as a songwriter...the world wasn't yet aware of his talents, though we all were in Nashville." The duet with Randy Houser, “The Coldest In Town” is a great case study to the talents both singers have, with Erin proclaiming that Houser "put his stank on it and did a great job with it."

“I was such a a fan of his growing up, Erin says of Jon Randall. “I even learned his songs when I was a teenager” so to get them to sing on the record was just a dream for me, and Jon and Jessi sing a lot of the harmonies on this project.

The record, cut in three days, is as country as one could want but don't let that fool you into  thinking Erin's such a traditionalist outside of her own music. “One thing I’ve loved about country music is that it has so many sub-genres with in it, whether it’s a pop sound, a bluesy rock sound or a traditional country sound. All are based in stories. It’s not a competition. The more there is out there that you like, the better.”

And with that, you get a sense that Erin Enderlin loves her community, loves her fans and is fully appreciative of her place within it and is happy to finally be presenting Whiskeytown Crier as it is and was always intended to be.