Sacramento Country Station Cancels Lindsay Ell Show Because of Her Relationship To Bobby Bones

Ell, who is playing Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, was set to perform for the California station for free.

Sometimes it's appalling to be a fan of music. Today, rising country singer Lindsay Ell was told not to come perform a FREE show for a radio station's group of listeners because she had the audacity to be in a relationship with Bobby Bones, one of the biggest personalities in country radio (and radio in general).

After doing some crack research  (using "the google"), we see that iHeartRadio owns 92.5 The Bull and broadcasts The Bobby Bones Show every weekday morning. The other major station in that market is 105.1 KNCI, a station owned by CBS Radio. So, guess which station it likely was. Well, KNCI has to be the one since there are only two major country stations in the Sacramento market.

The sad thing in all of this is that it reeks of the old boys club and corporatism at its worst. It also underscores how hard it is for a female artist to get any sort of leg up on the competition. There's a hint of sexism here because if the roles were reversed, the stations would likely have had Bones play while joking with him about 'scoring' such a high profile partner. Ell's talent is immense and something that doesn't need to be dragged to such a mess but it looks like Saladgate is returning, only this time, it's returning because of an executive decision of a station not wanting to support an artist who happens to be dating the competing station's top ranked morning show host (and national personality). Oy, what a world.