Chris Stapleton Postpones Tour Because Of Broken Finger

The "Broken Halos" singer has gone directly to his fans to explain why his All-American Roadshow is being postponed.

Rather than give fans an inferior show, Chris Stapleton -- who is as good a guitarist as he is a singer -- has decided to cancel his June concert dates through June 17. Rumors were starting to spread as to why he was taking the time 'off' but Chris has laid those rumors to rest by explaining to the fans why he had to take this time off.

Dear Everybody,

First of all, I want to thank you for all of the positive thoughts and kind words you have shared over the last few days. So many of you have been inconvenienced and I’m grateful for your patience and graciousness.

After seeing a specialist, I have some information to share. I’m on the road to recovery from a broken bone & a detached tendon in my right index finger. The doctor is hopeful that with some physical therapy I will be playing guitar again soon. Right now, I can’t possibly give you guys the show you deserve. I always want to give you my very best.

There is little in this world that I enjoy more than getting to make music with all of you night after night. Thank you for the privilege. Your support and understanding through all of this lets me know now, more than ever, I have the best fans in the world.


Chris Stapleton

So, as you can see, a broken finger in his right hand is the culprit and Stapleton wants fans to be able to get the best show possible instead of finding a substitute guitarist if he cannot play the parts.

Get well soon, Chris!