Album Review: Dead Man Winter - "Furnace"

Trampled By Turtles Frontman delivers steady collection of songs which showcase his pliable tenor and songsmith skills under Dead Man Winter moniker.

With just ten tracks, Furnace showcases why Dave Simonett has become such a revered artist within the Americana genre. Chronicling what it’s like to go through divorce, Furnace kicks off with the aching “This House Is On Fire,” a song that’s as good an opening salvo as any you’re likely to hear on an album released in 2017. “Destroyer” feels more like an album opener in tempo with strong organs backing up a Springsteen-like lyric and vocal delivery from Simonett but feels like it is exactly where it belongs here, the second song out of 10 on Furnace.

“I Remember This Place Being Bigger” is the kind of song anyone can relate to lyrically, especially if we visit a place we departed years ago only to find it completely different than we remember it. There’s a rollicking Graham Parsons feel to “The Same Town” while the introspective B3 layered “Am I Breaking Down” is another slice of introspective songwriting that ultimately is more relatable than Dave Simonett probably ever thought it could be. Furnace's evolution from beginning to end suggests a man who learns that even though his life is completely different, everything is still going to be ok in the end.