Eric Church Battles Ticket Scalpers For Dallas Show

Superstar Takes battle to new level (again) and pulls tickets from brokers and scalpers.

For years now fans have complained about the rising cost of tickets to concerts and sporting events. With computer schemes and other systems in place, it seemed that instead of being easier to order through websites, ticket scalpers and brokers have made it nearly impossible for the average fan of a band to see their favorite stars play live.

Eric Church is having none of that and via KOKE FM, his show for February 3 in Dallas Texas is amongst the shows where brokers and scalpers had found Mr. Misunderstood’s bad side. Eric and his team managed to get them out of those folks hands and are releasing them back to the public so fans can get some of the best seats at more reasonable prices and not the “demand” prices which are often triple to 10x what the face value of the ticket is.

Church said last year, when this topic last reared its ugly head, to Taste of Country, “I do want to add a quick word about the scalpers,” Church says. “I have never seen more relentless, nefarious and frankly disgusting efforts to defraud the fans and the general public. Six words for you thugs: You will not win. I will.”


  • Courtney Puzzo

    scalpers aren't the reason ticket prices are so high so are over zealous promoters and cost of living/producing a show

    • Matt Bjorke

      Not talking about cost of original ticket prices. The discussion is about the ACCESS to tickets and keeping them from getting outrageously expensive. That's what EC is doing here and what he and other artists are fighting to change. Nobody should have to pay $600-800 for a pair of tickets that originally cost $100-200 originally.