Album Review: The Savage Hearts - “Playing It Forward”

Annie Savage's band proves how much joy we can get from not only listening to Bluegrass music but becoming musicians ourselves to get in on the fun.

Classically trained in the Suzuki Violin method, Annie Savage took to the fiddle style and Bluegrass and started The Savage Hearts band and a Colorado based music school called the FARM School (Folk Art Revival Music School). The talented band featured on Playing It Forward features guests like multi-time IBMA winner Becky Buller along with some students at the FARM School.

Playing It Forward is inventive in choosing songs to perform from bands like Riders in the Sky, Bob Wills, Jim Croce and Bill Monroe mixed among instrumental jams like “El Cumbanchero” and “Rites Of Man.” Each track on the album is performed with gusto and with an off-the-cuff vibe that radiates and serves as the heart beat of Bluegrass music. The vocals throughout the project are delightful (including “Child’s Song” “Working On a Building”) and opener and single “Age.”

Annie Savage is a talented musician and teacher who proves that teachers can actually do. She serves a higher purpose than “just performing” in getting people to not only learn how to play Bluegrass and other roots (or "Folk Art") music art forms but to also get them to learn how to have fun while doing it. Playing It Forward is a fantastic album which showcases all this and more.