Exclusive: Yelawolf Cancels Remaining 2016 "Trial By Fire" Tour Dates

Rootsy Rapper shuts down remainder of his tour while also changing his Instagram account’s name and settings.

The internet has been silent since roots rap trailblazer Yelawolf shut down his Trial By Fire" tour and re-formatted his Instagram from Yelawolf to his personal name. There hasn’t been any official word from Yela or his camp but the tour’s support artist, Struggle, an artist signed to Yela’s Slumerican Records label) posted these comments to his Instagram account when asked about the Tour:

Roughstock has confirmed that Realto Theater in Tuscon, AZ has posted a notice of cancellation for the show scheduled for Tomorrow and that the El Rey theater in Albuquerque, NM has confirmed (See below) that Yela's show for Monday was also cancelled. The tour was scheduled to go through December 4.

Since there’s no official word from Yela’s camp, we can only venture to guess as to why the tour was cancelled but perhaps given the events surrounding Kanye West’s own (more visible) tour troubles, maybe Yela’s camp has decided to work with the artist based on some fan interactions and strange goings on at previous dates at the tour (viewed below).

We will update this post when we have more information or receive official news about the tour’s cancellation.


  • Warehouse Live

    Houston show was cancelled as well (12/1/2016).

  • Brentd

    Well spokane show was epic. Glad to be there nov14. Best performer live definitely

  • cody

    i just want him to rap again.get in the studio with rick rubin n dre theyll make a GOOD album....finally.2 albums of whay grass roots?? wtf shit sux i cant make myself listen to the 2 new pos'z . Scares me the thought of yela making another rap album..... so quit trying to be Outlaw country cuz you're not dude you mother fucking bad-ass rapperz of all time. don't take that away from yourself....

    • Dustin C.

      What? Love Story, the HOTEL EP & what we've heard from Trial By Fire is not only some of the best sh!# Yela has put out, but some of the BEST music released recently. He has found his musical self & I can't wait to hear what he puts out in the future.