Big & Rich Score Three Top 10 Hits In A Row

Former major label stars hit the Top 10 this week with “Lovin’ Lately,” the third — and likely final — single from "Gravity."

After being signed to and releasing music for Warner Brothers Records for over a decade — and being quite successful at it — the duo of Big Kenny and John Rich decided to record and release their fifth studio album Gravity on their own label titled Big & Rich Records. Two years after releasing that project, the duo has scored their third-consecutive Top 10 hit from it on the Mediabase/Country AirCheck chart with “Lovin’ Lately.” Lovin' Lately is a song the duo wrote based on a title suggestion from Tim McGraw, who would go on to record the song with the duo and act in the music video, a video he conceived of after hearing the duo's original demo of the track.

As a truly independent act, the feat of scoring a string of hits is not lost on the duo with John Rich admitting it was a risk worth taking:

"It's terrifying and exciting all at the same time. You take on all the business and marketing side yourself, but there's a big team of people that we have assembled that are helping us do this. But at the end of the day, our board meeting consists of two guys. If we agree, it will happen, and if we don't, it doesn't."

In a world where artists rarely score any top 10 hits (and Big & Rich only had one such hit — the #1 “Lost In This Moment” — before this trifecta of hits). The duo has been working on their forthcoming second independently-released project and it will mark the sixth studio album of their career. Look for a report on their future music — also likely to be hits — on RoughStock soon.


  • Courtney

    congrats to Big & Rich for scoring three top ten hits in a row though several artists have done that over the years for example four of the five Commercially released singles from Faith Hill's 1998 self titled album peaked in the top 5 and the fifth reached the top 15 This Kiss reached #1 in May 1998 Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me peaked at #3 in August 1998 Let Me Let Go reached #1 in December 1998 Love Ain't Like That peaked at #12 in April 1999 and The Secret Of Life peaked at #4 in September 1999 the videos were released March 30th 1998 July 6th 1998 November 9th 1998 February 15th 1999 May 17th 1999 and August 16th 1999 respectively