Album Review: Dylan Scott - “Dylan Scott”

Talented singer behind chart hit “Crazy Over Me” and “My Girl” delivers melodic debut for Curb Records.

Like many young singers, Dylan Scott has been searching for his identity as an artist and it’s evident by the 13 tracks which make up his self-titled full-length debut album for Curb Records. One of the best young vocalists to arrive on the scene a few years ago, the album has been a long-gestating one. “Passenger Seat” and “Lay It On Me” have a little bit more “bro” to them than some may like but they’re still solid songs while the hit “Crazy Over Me” shows off Dylan’s impressive voice. The same can be said for “My Girl,” a song written for the girl who is now his wife. It’s a song that’ll melt many a heart and one that could and should be his breakout hit.

“Back” is another song that suits his voice while “Ball Cap” nicely blends a bit of Luke Bryan’s swagger with a dose of Old Dominion-like production (not to mention having a song about a girl wearing a ball cap). The production on Dylan Scott is steady but on songs like “Freak Show” and “Living Room,” it helps Scott showcase the southern soul in his voice, even if the songs are lyrically interesting.

While Dylan Scott may still be searching for his complete artistic identity, he’s far less “me too” than he seemed to be on early singles where he flirted with spoken (or rapped) verses and more confident as the album goes on which allows him to show off more of his southern soul. There’s a star somewhere in here and it’ll be interesting to see where Dylan Scott goes next.