Album Review: Chris Lane - “Girl Problems”

North Carolina native spreads wings on national debut album laden with hook-filled tunes.

“Fix” not only served as his true gateway to fans via radio and streaming platforms but it’s also the song where Chris Lane found HIS sound. You know, that thing that would separate an unknown male artist from a sea of unknown male artists where he can confidently swim with the big sharks and not become chum. Quite simply, the falsetto showcased throughout the song is used all throughout Girl Problems.

The Top 2 (as of this writing) hit opens up Girl Problems, an album which as apt as the title as nearly each song on this album, also the debut release for Big Loud Records. “For Her,” the likely second single from Girl Problems, blends what I’ve come to love about Canadian superstar Dallas Smith’s music and what I like about contemporary country pop. The lyrics are strong in their description of all the was a man finds to be in love with a woman while a visit to the 2004 pop chart hit “Let Me Love You” (a song written by R&B superstar Ne-Yo) works quite well in this modern country/pop arrangement. It’s a song where the man pleads to be everything she wants and needs in life.

“Back To Me” finds Chris Lane turning inside after a breakup to figure out how to move on while “Her Own Kind of Beautiful” celebrates a one of a kind woman. The closing title track is also something special with a unique cadence of lyrics and melody. By showcasing his falsetto, Chris Lane found his unique lane in modern country music. It’s a lane that few could even attempt to do and one he excels at and one which should serve him well throughout the cycle of Girl Problems, a solid collection of tunes and one which should be the first of many for the talented dynamic vocalist.