New Single Recap: July 20, 2016

We take a look at 10 new singles this week including the latest from Toby Keith and Jason Aldean along with notes on eight newcomers or younger artists.

Toby Keith “A Few More Cowboys” (Show Dog)
Toby Keith is still a brilliant vocalist and with “A Few More Cowboys,” he showcases that he’s still got the goods while also showing off his always strong songwriting/production skill. If radio really wanted to keep Toby on the air instead of pushing him aside for younger cats, this one would be the hit it deserves to be. It’s one of the Best TK singles in years.

Luke Combs - “Hurricane” (Independent)
The North Carolina native has an impressive voice and his song choices like “Hurricane” are even more impressive. Cannot wait to hear a full project from this talented newcomer.

Fiona Culley - “Anywhere With You” (Marro Records)
Featuring tight production, “Anywhere With You” can compete with anything in the mainstream of country music. This is especially true when you add her stellar vocals. There’s a star within that voice, which is a mix of classic female vocalists and youthful phrasing and harmonies. Fans of SHeDAISY and Sara Evans should take note.

Ryan Follese - “Float Your Boat” (Big Machine)
Blends what he did with Hot Chelle Rae with modern country music songwriting and production. Could be an interesting combo.

Michael Tyler - “Crazy Last Night” (Reviver)
The oft-recorded songwriter debuts with a catchy, radio ready mainstream country song that recalls late 90s alt rock in places in the melody. Will be interesting to see where radio goes with this one.

Adam Craig - “Reckon” (Stoney Creek Records)
A strong vocalist, Adam Craig is also a well-known guy from the songwriter circles of Nashville. this one, which recalls Trent Tomlinson a little bit, feels like a hit to me.

Denny Strickland - “Get A Grip” (Red Star Productions)
The independent singer/songwriter makes a case for mainstream success with his latest single. “Get A Grip” has wholly contemporary radio production and lyrics and an inviting melody.

Dee Jay Silver (Featuring Austin Webb) - “Just Got Paid” (RCA Nashville)
Nashville’s never had a producer release an original single until now. “Just Got Paid” finds Silver making a track and being the headline artist with Austin Webb (singer of past Top 40 hit “Slip On By”) the featured artist instead of being the artist with Silver as the “producer.” It’s interesting. The song is catchy, Webb’s voice as strong as always. But will country radio take to DJ’s the way pop music has?

Moonshine Men - “Trouble” (Robbins Entertainment)
Speaking of DJs. This is exactly what Moonshine Men are. They’re signed to a dance music label. So while this song is catchy, it’s not likely to be a hit on modern country radio (not unlike the Rednex “Cotton Eyed Joe” from 20 plus years ago).

Jason Aldean - “A Little More Summertime” (Macon/Broken Bow)
The superstar’s second single from his forthcoming album “They Don’t Know” is even better than the first one, “Light’s Come On.” In fact, it’s one of the best singles of Aldean’s career. The moody melody, nostalgic lyric and wistful vocal blend together nicely.