Album Review: Farewell Angelina - “Farewell Angelina EP”

Unique 4-part harmony, killer songs and did we mention killer songs make for a stunning debut EP.

It’s been a while since a great female vocal band broke out in country music but the tide seems to be changing with the arrival of Farewell Angelina on new label Dreamlined Entertainment. Their self-titled debut EP features a nice blend of uptempo singles and powerful story songs. The uptempo singles like “Shotgun Summer” and “Hillbilly 401K” showcase the band’s radio potential with unique lyrical harmony. “Shotgun Summer” has an infectious melody and lyric.

“American Fathers” is another strong song with beautiful lyrics, melodies and harmonies and is only bested on this EP By “Revolution”’s percussive rhythms and story and the brilliant show stopper “If It Ain’t With You.” That’s a star making song and about something we all aspire to have in our lives: true love. Farewell Angelina are a band that recalls the best of what made us fall in love with the Dixie Chicks and bands like Heart, SHeDAISY and Wilson Phillips.

Dreamland Entertainment has a superstar act on their hands and like every act, they need a great song but fortunately for Farewell Angelina, they have a great song in “If It Ain’t With You.” That’s a song we should be hearing all over the radio and probably every other benchmark achievement after that.

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