Album Review: Mark Chesnutt - "Tradition Lives"

The Country music star returns with a stunning collection of new music.

Some people were just born to sing traditional music. As his new record Tradition Lives proves, Mark Chesnutt is one of those people. Over the course of the 13 track album, Chesnutt provides a steady dose of traditional country music and the album is probably the best, or at least on par with his debut Too Cold At Home and Mid-career Savin' The Honky Tonks, in his long career. Like Gene Watson, Chesnutt is able to sing songs which suit his rich, textured voice, songs like "Lonely Ain't The Only Game In Town," "Is It Still Cheating," and "Look At Me Now."

In a just world the haunting fiddle and steel drenched "Oughta Miss Me By Now" would be another hit on the radio charts with a timeless tear in your beer lyric and melody while "You Moved Up In Your World" is just timeless country music. Every Chesnutt record has had a few moments of humor and Tradition Lives is no different, with "Neither Did I" and "Hot" serving as strong selections. "Losing You All Over Again" may feel timeless but it's because the lyric is so relatable.

It'd be a shame if this record missed the masses but thanks to new label Row Records, Mark Chesnutt is able to bring Traditional country music out and it's a great thing he does because if there were ever anyone born to sing it, it's Mark Chesnutt. Here's hoping he and producing partner Jimmy Richey work together on records like Tradition Lives for years to come.