Album Review: James Robert Webb - “Pictures”

We take a look at the talented artist’s latest project for Bison Creek Records here! The album contains the hit “Daddy Made A Million.”

With a sound that recalls the greats of the 1970s-1990s, James Robert Webb’s Pictures album is a delightful collection of eleven tracks. “Party In The Barn” opens the album an feels like a lost Mark Chesnutt or Garth Brooks track. It’s a vibrant, fiddle and steel guitar laced jam that sets the mood for the rest of Pictures. A little bit of Gene Watson’s sound influences the laid-back, sensual “Makin’ Love Tonight” while “Absotively Posolutely” will please the fans of Western Swing music (James Robert Webb could really take the torch from Ray Benson as the keeper of the Western Swing flame if he so chooses).

That being said, being a versatile country music singer has it’s plusses as James Robert Webb is able prove throughout the project. He takes a song like title track “Pictures,” a song written by award-winning songwriters Arlos Smith and Tommy Connors and keeps it firmly a country song instead of a syrupy ballad while the ballad “Book Of Me” is a song that is as romantic and heartfelt as any country song you’d ever find. “Daddy Made A Million,” a hit single from this project” is as stone country as you’d find a song in 2016 and James Robert Webb tells the story of a man who didn’t have a ton of money but he gave his family all they needed in faith, hope, love and memories. Rocker “How That Feels” closes out the project and is just further evidence of James Robert Webb’s versatility and strengths. Pictures may not win CMA awards for the James Robert Webb but the album does suggest a strong career ahead for the talented singer/songwriter, a career I’ll be eagerly watching.

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