New Single Recap: May 6, 2016

We take a look at 10 new singles that have just hit radio including the latest from Florida Georgia Line, Parmalee, Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice and a handful of others including the pictured Hillary Scott.

There are 10 diverse singles up for discussion this week and they include hits from new and established artists alike. Below is our thoughts on these 10 new tracks.

Hillary Scott and the Scott Family - “Thy Will” (EMI Nashville):
I don’t know if it’ll be a big hit at country radio but stranger things have happened. The song will do VERY Well on the Christian radio charts though, likely multiple weeks at #1. That’ll help it sell well and that’s gotta be all Hillary and her family can ask for out of her own Lady Antebellum “hiatus” project (released after Charles Kelley’s own project).

Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice - “A Little More Love” (Curb Records)
There’s a slight Sublime feel to the music and melody of “A Little More Love” but these lyrics are pure country and the longtime friends (and now label mates) are able to record and release a duet that recalls the best hits from The Bellamy Brothers. Should be a smash hit.

Florida Georgia Line - “H.O.L.Y.” (Republic Nashville)
The superstar duo has found a melodically pleasing track in the form lead single from their third album. “H.O.L.Y.” stands for “High On Loving You” and while it’s a love song, I could see some Christian stations playing this track. They’ve got themselves a nice song here and Tyler Hubbard sounds quite good vocally (not nearly as nasal as usual) and that’ll help them with their critics. A first single from a superstar act usually does really well. A melodically pleasing love song? Even more so.

Parmalee - “Roots” (Stoney Creek Records)
With a string of successful hits to their credit, Parmalee is ready to avoid a sophomore slump with “Roots” giving us ample reason to expect the “Carolina” hitmakers to do so. The song is the kind of song that careers are made of. Great single. Great execution by the band.

Maddie & Tae - “Sierra” (Dot Records)
An anti-bullying single, “Sierra” was my favorite single from the young duo’s Start Here album and I’m glad it’s their fourth (and likely final) single from the project. It’s a witty sing-a-long that young fans should embrace. The fact that there’s lots of fiddle on the record? Icing on the cake. Should be a nice hit.

Southern Halo - “Rewind” (Southern Halo Records)
A talented family trio, Southern Halo is ready to break out with a sound that recalls SHeDAISY in all of the best ways: Family harmony, strong lead vocals and strong songwriting and playing. While the indie release may have a hard time cracking the larger market radio charts, Southern Halo should find a welcome audience with the “secondary” market stations, a group who is always willing and waiting to break out new artists before the big guys. “Rewind” from Southern Halo is a smash.

Anthony K - “Marry Me” (Bungaloo/Universal)
This is a nice pleasant song from the newcomer. The lyrics feel like a country song and the production does too, if it were 2006. That remark aside, there’s a lot to like here and like Southern Halo, Anthony K may be able to carve out a hit on the secondary market.

Mike Smith - “Little Bit Of Us” (22 Records)
A strongly written, well-produced song from the newcomer. Should get some spins at radio with the likable, relatable melody and lyrics. Can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Smith (I’ve heard one other so far that’s an ear worm).

Billy Lord - “Netflix And Chill” (Billy Lord Music)
Yes. This song is real. Yes it plays on the meme you’ve likely heard. Sadly, most people over 30 have no idea what the term means but this song is a good way for parents to understand when their teen says “Netflix And Chill?” to someone. It will also sound dated in oh, about 3 months ago.

Shane Owens - “Country Never Goes Out Of Style” (Amerimonte Records)
If I were to have heard this single on the radio in 1979, 1989, or 1999 I’d have thought it was the latest new hit. Like a good bottle of wine, this song contains a melody and lyric that is on the point. Country music never does go out of style. Well done Shane, well done. This is Real. Authentic. Country. Music.