Brandy Clark Announces Release Date for “Big Day In A Small Town”

The Four-time Grammy nominee will release project on June 1st.

After a nearly three year wait, fans will soon be able to buy Brandy Clark’s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 12 Stories. The new album, Big Day In A Small Town, will be released on June 10th via Warner Bros. Records, her first release since signing with the label in 2014.

Working with Jay Joyce, the project represents some change for Brandy Clark as the lead single “Girl Next Door” suggests.

“When I made 12 Stories, I think my dreams were a lot more realistic, in that I didn't expect a lot to happen... then it did,” Clark says. “This time, my dreams are very much what they were when I was going to Vince Gill and Patty Loveless concerts and decided I was going to move to Nashville. Right now, my dreams are as big as when I was naïve enough to really dream them.”

The singer/songwriter’s collection of songs on Big Day In A Small Town tells the stories of the football star, father, the homecoming queen, and the hairdresser as those stories and people the star grew up knowing. “All these songs, there's some little truth in them, somewhere, that resonates with me or that is about me,” she confesses.

Brandy Clark Big Day In A Small Town Tracklist:

Soap Opera - Brandy Clark/Bryan Simpson
Girl Next Door - Brandy Clark/Jessie Jo Dillon/Shane McAnally
Homecoming Queen - Brandy Clark/Luke Laird/Shane McAnally
Broke - Brandy Clark/Shane McAnally/Josh Osborne
You Can Come Over - Brandy Clark/Jessie Jo Dillon/Mark Narmore
Love Can Go to Hell - Brandy Clark/Scott Stepakoff
Big Day in a Small Town - Brandy Clark/Shane McAnally/Mark D. Sanders
Three Kids No Husband - Brandy Clark/Lori McKenna
Daughter - Brandy Clark/Jessie Jo Dillon/Jeremy Spillman
Drinkin’ Smokin’ Cheatin’ - Brandy Clark
Since You’ve Gone to Heaven - Brandy Clark/Shane McAnally