Single Review: Kane Brown "Used To Love You Sober"

We took a listen to Kane Brown's new single (already a hit on iTunes and played by Beats1 and The Bobby Bones Show) and tell y'all what we think of his newest track.

Kane Brown, the first viral country music sensation (at least since Taylor Swift a decade ago), released "Used To Love You Sober" on his 22nd birthday which also happened to be yesterday (y'know, "Back To The Future" day). Kane Brown's career as an independent artist has grown in notoriety the past couple of weeks with his debut EP Closer having risen from charting EP to Top 10 and Top 40 all-genre.

There are some interesting minor key notes that start the song as Kane paints a picture of a man who is blindsided by the ending of a relationship and how that singular event has him drinking alcohol to the point of "drowning drunk in love" and that being drunk is the only way he doesn't feel like he's still in love anymore.

The contrasting baritone vocal verses and the tenor-leaning vocal chorus is a nice dichotomy and it's not unlike the kind of thing Montgomery Gentry did playing off those two vocalists for effect or what a duo or trio might pull off but here, Kane Brown has done it all by himself. That in itself is an interesting development.

One's enjoyment in "Used To Love You Sober" is likely tied to how much you like the current sounds in country music because the melody changes into the chorus and creates the feeling that the narrator (Brown) is feeling as he has to drink to get over the broken heart.

The story and theme are core country music and the vocal clearly is too. This song screams 'hit' to me