LOCASH “I Love This Life” EP Review

We put the rising duo’s new EP (featuring the rising hit title track) under our microscope.

LOCASH (Chris Lucas and Preston Brust) have slowly but steadily built up their career in country music. While they’ve patiently awaited the one thing they’ve haven’t yet achieved as a duo (a string of their own radio hits), their time planting the seeds has seen that start to come to fruition with the title track of this EP, “I Love This Life.” As of October 21, 2015, LOCASH has their first Top 20 hit and it’s being followed in stores and online by this six song EP, their first release via Reviver Records.

The EP I Love This Life EP kicks off with the energetic ear worm (written by the duo with Chris Janson and Danny Myrick) which is oh so relatable and is instantly backed up by the groove-filled Ross Copperman, Jeremy Stover and Rhett Akins-penned smash in waiting “I Know Somebody” and the lyrics have interesting moments of detail and ultimately that’s why the song is ready to be a hit. Speaking of hits in waiting, “Shipwrecked” is a song I’ve felt was destined to be the signature song of LOCASH’s career (to date at least) the first time I heard it earlier this year. Written by LOCASH’s Preston Brust, Michael Tyler and the I Love This Life’s producer Lindsay Rimes, “Shipwrecked” has the kind of romantic story and melody that any person in love would want to hear and feels like a gigantic smash, especially when you add in the percussive musical bed behind the piano-laced ballad’s vocal melody.

“Drunk Drunk” is a fun, beach-y good time works well within a LOCASH live show but compared to the other three previously mentioned tracks on I Love This Life, it just feels like an also-ran (though it’s still a lot of fun). “Ain’t Startin’ Tonight” is another song that could be a radio hit with a jovial melody about not getting down and out despite the end of a relationship. The closer of I Love This Life is perhaps the most traditionally ‘country’ song on the album with “Till The Wheels Fall Off.” It is another strong contender for a wedding first dance or perhaps an anniversary party. It’s a nice closer to this EP that really only whets our appetite for a full-length album that’s likely to arrive from LOCASH sometime in 2016.

It’s hard for any artist to covey what they do in a single EP but with I Love This Life, LOCASH manages to do that with a top heavy recording with three undeniable career-changing smash hits while the other three that follow them aren’t also rans either. The song fully showcase the star duo that LOCASH has always been and while it’s taken longer than they hoped it to take, everything good happens and good timing and that time is now for LOCASH.



  • Sandy Taylor

    Pre-ordered and can't wait to hear it on Friday. I have heard all the songs live and love them all. These guys are destined for great things!

  • Tom

    Been waiting for this EP for a long long time .. every song on here is amazing. Great write!

  • Miriam

    OMG just can't wait to this so excited. Love every song on this EP but Shipwrecked is my ultimate favorite. These boys are awesome performers and entertainers. Thanks for a great write-up!!