Exclusive: Kyle Park Behind The Scenes

Get to know more about Kyle Park's "The Blue Roof Sessions" album which is set to hit stores on October 23, 2015!

Known for his infusion of straight up country music that mixed (among others) influences of Waylon, Cash, Haggard and, yes, Strait, Kyle Park is set to expand his horizons — not unlike all of his heroes listed above — with his forthcoming album project. He’s added a bit of rock ’n’ roll intensity to that mixture of classic and outlaw country music.

The music may be more aggressive but Kyle Park’s new self-produced record, The Blue Roof Sessions, is still very much a Kyle Park project with tight lyrical turns of phrase and intimate portraits featured in each of the tracks for the album (issued through Thirty Tigers), all mixed and recorded together in an organic setting of a house with a blue roof (hence the title).

In the video below (Episode 3 of "The Blue Roof Sessions" on KPTV), Kyle talks about recording the record in the house with his whole band felt about the experience.