Maddie & Tae Earn Rave Reviews For “Start Here” Album

Duo also hits Top 10 with “Fly,” the sophomore single from the album.

With two hits under their belt in “Fly” and the chart-topping “Girl In A Country Song,” a successful tour with Dierks Bentley (The Sounds Of Summer Tour) and a hot new album in stores now in Start Here, everything is looking golden these days for Maddie & Tae.

The New York Times, Rolling Stone, RoughStock, NPR First Listen, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Spin are all praising the duo as are The Minneapolis Star Tribute, The Dallas Observer and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Not since taylor swift has aged out has the country format welcomed female voices lending such confessional weight to matters of youthful urgency” stated Billboard in their review.

“The things people are saying make us feel good,” says Maddie. “Because Tae and I set out to make a record that really reflected who we are and what we love, not just what people thought was working… It wasn’t obvious to some people, but it was us! So for the critics to like it, that makes me feel like we belong.”
“When you see some of the musicians they’re putting us with? That’s crazy,” adds Tae. “We listen to those acts – and they’re incredibly cool. Halsey is awesome, and so is Lorde. What we do is so different it’s great to be considered in the same company.”
It’s a high-wire set of accomplishments for the flagship artist on BMLG’s Dot Records and they’re certainly a duo with the time and energy to become the next big voices in Country Music. After all, we’re among the team praising them for their visionary and out and out COUNTRY record Start Here.