Clint Black “On Purpose” Tracklist & Cover Art

Singer’s first album via Thirty Tigers will include 14 songs and was recorded by the singer in Nashville.

For the 21st time in his storied career, Clint Black will be releasing an album of music. On Purpose is the first all-new studio album in a decade and marks his 12th collection all-new of studio songs. His last album, Drinking Songs and other Logic, was released in 2005.

Clint Black's new album On Purpose features a handful of songs recorded at his studio in Nashville and marks a diverse batch of self-produced songs. “You Still Get To Me” is the third duet with wife Lisa Hartman Black. Songs like ballads “Stay Gone” and Only One Way To Live” cut deep while the clever “Beer” and “Better and Worse” are amongst the more upbeat songs that the songwriter behind some of the biggest hits in country music history has ever written or recorded.

Of the album’s title Black says, “On Purpose comes from a line in the song “Better and Worse.” It represents my attitude towards life, in that it’s never easy to ‘go your own way’, but the rewards are greater when you follow your heart. I know that’s what my fans expect from me, and I hope that they hear that in the songs on this album."

“Musically, On Purpose is right where I want to be,” added Black.  “I pushed myself hard for this album, doing more of the guitar work, even playing slide guitar for the first time.”

The album hits stores on Friday, September 25.

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Clint Black On Purpose Tracklist:

  1. Time For That (Clint Black/Frank Rogers) (Co-produced with Frank Rogers)
  2. Better And Worse (Clint Black/Frank Rogers)
  3. Summertime Song (Clint Black)
  4. Only One Way to Live (Clint Black/Steve Wariner)
  5. Doing It Now For Love (Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas)
  6. You Still Get To Me (Clint Black/Victoria Shaw) [Duet w/Lisa Hartman Black)
  7. Right On Time (Clint Black/Steve Wariner)
  8. Calling It News (Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas)
  9. Making You Smile (Clint Black) (Co-produced with James Stroud)
  10. Stay Gone (Clint Black/Phil O’Donnell)
  11. Breathing Air (Clint Black/Frank Rogers)
  12. Beer (Clint Black/Bill Anderson/Bob DiPiero)
  13. The Trouble (Clint Black)
  14. The Last Day (Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas)