Drew Baldridge “Crossing County Lines [Deluxe Edition]” Tracklist & Cover Art

Rising singer/songwriter offers up collection of songs which brings two eps and new material into one generous 16 track collection.

The music business is always changing and whereas an up and comer like Drew Baldridge would’ve previously signed to a record deal to develop into an artist with material released, these days, it’s usually the publishing companies (and or management teams) doing the grassroots artist development. Song publishing company THiS Music in Nashville has found a remarkably talented singer/songwriter in Drew Baldridge and after issuing two EPs in the past year, Drew and his team at THiS Music are bringing those EPs (Crossing County Lines Vol 1 & 2) into a package that includes seven new tracks (basically a full EP worth of new songs) as Crossing County Lines (Deluxe Edition).

It's a strong collection of songs and showcases a singer/songwriter with a strong voice that blends the traditional and contemporary country sounds well and if you're a fan looking for new, now, next, then Drew Baldridge is one for you to set your sights on.


Drew Baldridge Crossing County Lines (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

  1. Dance With Ya
  2. Love On Your Body
  3. Tractor’s Don’t Roll
  4. Rebound
  5. Everywhere I Go
  6. Town The World Forgot
  7. Curious Girl
  8. Don’t Over Think It
  9. After Midnight
  10. Whatcha Feel Like
  11. Missing A Shoe
  12. Right Round Bout Now
  13. Something Like You
  14. Burnt Toast
  15. Wherever You’re At
  16. God’s Front Porch