Big and Rich's Big Kenny Stars in Own TLC Show With His Family

TLC needed a new family show and they found it with the personable co-star of Big & Rich.

Kenny Alphin, aka “Big Kenny” of Big & Rich has announced his brand new TLC show, Big Kenny and Family, set to premiere on Wednesday, September 2 at 10/9CT. The show will take viewers into his every day life with his wife Christiev and their sons, Dakota, Lincoln, Christopher and Cameron, as they navigate their unordinary home life while Big Kenny is on a break from his whirlwind tour.

Big & Rich are killing it in the charts ("Run Away With You," written with Michael Ray) and Big Kenny’s on the road well over half the year, making the few days home with his family truly special and completely unpredictable. Despite his crazy travel schedule and Christiev’s back-to-back styling gigs with A-list clientele, the couple manages to find the perfect balance between full-fledged rock stars and devoted parents.

Viewers will get the chance to take a peek inside Big Kenny’s celebrity lifestyle and may be surprised to find that when he’s not filling stadiums and concert venues, he lives a typical life - albeit influenced by his over-the-top personality - filled with family dinners, yard work, date nights, playtime and bedtime stories.