The Most-Added Country Songs: August 2, 2015

This week's Most-Added Country Songs chart for August 15, 2015 features Blake Shelton's "Gonna" sitting in the driver's seat with 97 total adds on Impact date while Luke Bryan's sophomore single, "Strip It Down,"  from Kill The Lights sits at #2 with 26 adds, which is also the same amount of stations adding Waterloo Revival's country/pop single "Bad For You" on its day of release. Rising star Kelsea Ballerini sits at #4 with "Dibs" and has 108 of the 154 station MediaBase/Country AirCheck panel on her side already. Sitting at #5 in a tie are Kacey Musgraves' new single "Dime Store Cowgirl" and Lee Brice's "That Don't Sound Like You." Musgraves is just starting out while Brice's single gets what looks like the Cumulus station block of adds.

Sitting at #7 this week is Randy Houser's "We Went." The fast-rising single has 13 more stations on board and it's currently at 115 total while Jerrod Niemann is up to 90 with "Blue Bandana," a song which has 90 stations on board in just a matter of weeks, proving how much radio still loves the guy when he provides them with songs (they think) listeners will also love. Also tied at #8 is the talented singularly named Cam with her breakout single "Burning House." The iHeartMedia sponsored single has now hit 144 of the 154 total stations while Nash Icon's Ronnie Dunn now has 18 stations on board for his fantastic single "Ain't No Trucks In Texas."

Number Artist Song Label Radio Adds Total Historic
1 Blake Shelton Gonna Warner Bros 74 97
2 Luke Bryan Strip It Down Capitol 26 26
2 Waterloo Revival Bad For You Big Machine 26 31
4 Kelsea Ballerini Dibs Black River 18 108
5 Kacey Musgraves Dime Store Cowgirl Mercury 15 18
5 Lee Brice That Don't Sound Like You Curb 15 92
7 Randy Houser We Went Stoney Creek 13 115
8 Jerrod Niemann Blue Bandana Sea Gayle/Arista 12 90
8 Cam Burning House Arista 12 144
8 Ronnie Dunn Ain't No Trucks In Texas Nash Icon/Valory 12 18