Daryle Singletary "There's Still A Little Country Left" Tracklist & Cover Art

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It's been six years since Daryle Singletary once released a project and this one, unlike all of his previous releases is a fully-independent release though when listening to it you never would know because Greg Cole (who produced Daryle's two indie records and plays drums in his band) sat in the Producer's char for the record.

There'S Still A Little Country Left features a dozen tracks (two of them bonus tracks) and finds Daryle Singletary as a co-writer of three of the 10 new tracks. For the seven other tracks, Daryle had a simple thought when it came to choosing the songs: "I said to the songwriters to send me stuff they wrote 10 years ago."

The record is traditional country music and will be out July 28th via Daryle's new imprint TMFx4 Records.


Daryle Singletary There' Still A Little Country Left Tracklist:

  1. Get Out Of My Country (Clint Daniels/Daryle Singletary/Roger Springer)
  2. Say Hello To Heaven (Buddy Hyatt)
  3. Sunday Mornin’ Kind of Town (Ben Hayslip/Rhett Akins/Dallas Davidson)
  4. Spilled Whiskey (Lee Thomas Miller/Monty Criswell)
  5. Like Family (Jimmy Melton/Troy Johnson/Neal Coty)
  6. So Much Different Than Before (Jimmy Ritchey/Don Poythress/Daryle Singletary)
  7. Enough To Lie To Me (Jimmy Melton/Daryle Singletary)
  8. Wanna Be That Feeling (Roger Springer/Monty Holmes/Carson Chamberlain)
  9. Too Late To Save The World (Jimmy Ritchey/Kevin Denney/Casey Beathard/Phillip White)
  10. There’s Still A Little Country Left (Preston Brust/Trent Willmon)
  11. America The Beautiful (Katharine Lee Bates/Samuel A. Ward) [Bonus Track]
  12. I’m The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised (Feat. Johnny Paycheck) (Bobby Borchers/Wayne Kemp/Mack Vickery) [Bonus Track]