Whitey Morgan Tailor-Made for Honkytonks

Michigan-native impresses with classic-sounding songs that blend timeless melodies and true to life music.

Flint, Michigan's native son, Whitey Morgan, knows a thing or two about hard work and paying dues. Standing at an imposing 6'5" and covered in tattoos, this "country outlaw" has logged more than a million road miles in promotion of his third studio album 'Sonic Ranch' (5.19.15). Along the way he's earned the love and respect of fans across the country that's reflected in his hard-ticket growth over the past year.

"Whitey's music goes hand-in-hand with the ethos that got him to where he is today," says Live Nation's Senior Promoter Josh Newman. "Whitey embodies the very spirit of hard work, grit and attention to detail. He's got a lot of soul and his voice honed well beyond his years."

It's that "hard-edged voice," (Detroit Free Press) "tailor-made for the honky-tonks," (VICE/Noisey) that's behind this year's run of sold-out shows.

"I had to fight for everything I've ever had," says Morgan underneath a ball cap of his own design. "Growing up in Flint, that's what you did. Win, lose or draw, I never took shit from anybody. All of those experiences come through as emotions during each and every one of my songs. That intensity is what you'll feel at our shows."

His sense of survival and firm rooting in the old-school honky-tonk tradition has critics taking note. Morgan "echoes of Paycheck, Willie Nelson, George Jones and Waylon Jennings," (Billboard) with a sound that is "sturdy, wry and full of thick, trebly guitar licks" (Wall Street Journal).

Rolling Stone Country raves, "the ferocity of Morgan's performances make him truly transfixing," while Music Row says Whitey's imposing presence forces you to "hang on every line."

Morgan will continue touring 'Sonic Ranch' through the end of the year, tallying more than 200+ shows in 2015 by mid-December, while simultaneously obliterating long-held bar sales records in every corner of the U.S., including major markets -- Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver and Atlanta.

Here's a look at the latest Whitey Morgan music video, "Waitin' 'Round To Die"!