Joey + Rory Face Cancer Head On

Joey Martin Feek undergoes treatment for cancer.

Strong in their faith, Joey+Rory have been blessed beyond words with a music career, beautiful children and a home to share it all with their family and community in Middle Tennessee. So when Rory Feek posted a new blog post that shared the heartbreaking news that a 9 centimeter tumor on Joey’s sigmoid colon had been discovered. Last year, she was diagnosed with and had surgery to remove a cervical cancer growth after the birth of daughter, Indiana.

In his blog, Rory lovingly discusses his wife and everything she’s doing (like tending to their garden), all with the assistance of God. He also describes the couple’s course of action, which is to try and treat the cancer in a manner that doesn’t include chemo and radiation.

If you know Joey, you can imagine that she doesn’t want to go through chemo and radiation (and surgery again if needed) to aggressively treat the cancer. She wants a place that will integrate natural diet and supplements to counteract the chemo and radiation effects and build her immunities back up to fight the cancer cells . . . a place that will embrace her faith as a part of the healing process . . .

They’ve found a treatment center in Chicago where they’ll go and get the treatments Joey needs, a treatment that they hope will help her over the summer and that by harvest time, they’ll be back home on their farm where Joey will once again be tending to the garden’s bounty that the Lord has provided.

Our hearts are with Joey Martin Feek, Rory Feek and their family as they go through this trial period in their lives. If it’s like everything else in their lives, they’ll come out through God’s grace in winning fashion.