Kip Moore “Wild Ones” Tracklist & Cover Art

Award-winning artist will issue his highly-anticipated sophomore album via MCA Nashville on Friday August 21, 2015.

It’s finally time, y’all. After months of wonder, Kip Moore’s fans now have a day to go to stores (or iTunes) and pick up their copy of his second album. Titled Wild Ones, the album is pure Kip Moore as it captures his life and thoughts on record. The album, which features 13 tracks, is top-lined by the lead single “I’m To Blame,” currently Top 30 and rising. The album is inspired by the grit, grind and glamour of the live shows that have helped the rising star become a fan favorite.

Wild Ones really encompasses everything I’ve been through out on the road since the first album, it embodies us as a band every night out on stage, it alludes to the traveling circus it sometimes feels like we are a part of,” said Moore. “I’m so glad that I’m able to finally let the fans know when to expect what we’ve been working on so passionately for the past couple years, to let them know the wait is nearly over.”

Each song on the album was created on the road during soundcheck, while out in backstage dressing rooms or on the bus in between venue dates. The songs were recorded during his time back home, those rare times he wasn’t on the road. The album captures the feeling of a Kip Moore concert, ranging from poignant to anthemic.

Driven forward by electric guitars and gang vocals, "Lipstick" is the album's most heartfelt tribute to the road, with each verse rattling off a list of the favorite cities Moore and his bandmates have played in the past. Other songs, like "That Was Us," take a look backward, sketching a picture of the archetypal small-town Saturday nights that filled Moore's teenage years in Georgia. "Magic," anchored by one of the anthemic, open-armed choruses of Moore's career, is loud and lovely, and "Comeback Kid" packs its punch the opposite way: by dialing back the volume and delivering quiet praise to the underdog in all of us



  1. Wild Ones (Kip Moore, Chris DeStefano, Brett James)
  2. Come And Get It (Kip Moore, Brett James, Manny Medina)
  3. Girl of Summer (Kip Moore, Troy Verges, Blair Daly)
  4. Magic (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Luke Dick)
  5. That Was Us (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Dan Couch)
  6. Lipstick (Kip Moore, Justin Weaver, David Frasier, Westin Davis)
  7. What Ya Got On Tonight (Kip Moore, Troy Verges, Blair Daly)
  8. Heart's Desire (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Adam Browder, Erich Wigdahl)
  9. Complicated (Kip Moore, Chris DeStefano, Rodney Clawson)
  10. I'm To Blame (Kip Moore, Justin Weaver, Westin Davis)
  11. That's Alright With Me (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Luke Dick)
  12. Running For You (Kip Moore, Troy Verges, Blair Daly)
  13. Comeback Kid (Kip Moore, Erik Dylan, Ross Copperman, Jeff Hyde)