Guy Clark Documentary Surpasses Goal On Kickstarter

Potential film asked for supporters to back the project about the songwriter and Texas music icon..

With just 3 days in the public square, Without Getting Killed Or Caught, a Guy Clark Documentary, has surpassed its goal of $75,000. So far, they’ve raised nearly $77,000 and will continue to raise money through May 20, 2015.

From project coordinator Tamara Saviano:

“I started down this path a few months ago researching Kickstarter and other crowdfunding services, batting around the idea with a few trusted friends, weighing the pros and cons in my mind, and wondering if asking for $75,000 was a bridge too far. It's difficult for me to ask for help. If someone offers it, you bet I take them up on it, but I never want to put people out, be a burden or expect that anyone is going to care about the same thing I do.


When I launched this Saturday night, I felt like it was the right time and place and also felt a sense of peace, either it was going to work, or it wasn't, but no matter what we are making a film about Guy Clark. And here we are, Wednesday morning, after reaching our goal at 6:00pm last night, just 73 hours after we launched.”

The additional funding from the Kickstarter Campaign will go towards making a more dynamic film so that more people can learn about the impact and the history of the troubadour that is Guy Clark and how much the “Dean of Texas Songwriters” or the “Dylan Thomas of American Music” has impacted audiences around the world with his music.

About the film:

Without Getting Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark traces the life of music pioneer Guy Clark, who, with his wife Susanna, shaped the contemporary folk and American roots music scene much like F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald fashioned the jazz age in Paris. The film follows Guy’s journey as he moves from Texas to Los Angeles to Nashville to become one of the most revered songwriters in American music and an influential folk hero of the 20th century.

To donate to the Kickstarter, you can click here.