Kristian Bush Gets A Third Time To Make A First Impression

The "Trailer Hitch" singer gets to relive the life of a new artist for a third time but this is the first time fans are getting to hear him as a lead singer.

“Some [fans were wondering] if I could even sing,” says Kristian Bush about his new solo endeavor.

It’s not often that a musical artist gets a chance to break out with one hit, let alone get a third chance with an entirely different set of circumstances than the previous two (the bands Sugarland and Billy Pilgrim) yet that’s exactly what “Trailer Hitch” singer Kristian Bush gets to do with the new album Southern Gravity.

“I’m really lucky,” says Bush. “That I get to share these songs [on Southern Gravity] and get to show this new side of my personality and artistry.”

Bush, really didn’t start out making an album. He just felt compelled to write and write a lot. Hundreds of songs. And, “eventually, the songs started to feel like an album.”

The song that made him feel like he’s recording a song for a solo record? “Southern Gravity.”

“I must’ve recorded that song 10 or 12 times and when I finally heard that last version of the song that it was, ‘oh!’ this is going for me.”

During the songwriting process, he realized that because he was writing in Atlanta and recording the demos that he became a better singer because of all of the repetitions of the vocals.

“Because I was doing all of these vocals every day,” says Kristian. “I Became a better singer.”

The tracks on Southern Gravity definitely have “bounce” to them, a rhythm that will certainly have keenly aware listeners recognizing a thread between the Sugarland projects of the past.

“In many ways, this album is the joys and the rhythms of Sugarland but it’s me singing,” Kristian says.

For fans worried that the solo projects from Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles mean an end of the band they love, fear not for Kristian doesn’t think of his new venture in those terms as he feels that his music as an artist can co-exist with Sugarland projects, especially because “[his] voice wasn’t the voice of the band.”

“They’re on a dual parallels,” Kristian says. “I think they both can exist and I didn’t even know of that as an option before now.”

And now, the hurdle of people actually knowing who he sounds like, might change the dynamic of the band, a fun new way to see what happens in the next step.

“I’m curious to see what happens when we get back together, especially since it’s rare to know the DNA of the band and strangely enough, I don’t think people put me into the equation before now and it’s fun to see where everything goes [for both me] and Sugarland.”

Kristian Bush's solo debut, Southern Gravity hits stores on April 7 via Streamsound Records.