Fifth Annual Music Video Madness: Championship Round

The final round of voting in our fifth installment features two artists with passionate fan bases.

The fifth Annual Video Madness tournament is underway and for this year we have 16 competing videos from all levels of country stars, from superstars (Reba, Luke Bryan) Rising stars (Logan Mize, Maddie & Tae) to upcoming stars (Casey James, Tyler Farr) and Americana/Roots star (Old Crow Medicine Show). After the first round where over 6000 votes were cast, some of these artists mentioned above are still standing while others have fallen to their competitors. Below you'll see a rundown of the contenders.

The Music Video Madness Contenders

There are four regions with two games in each region: the Southeast (Old Crow Medicine Show “Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer” VS. Olivia Lane “Steal Me Away” AND Mitchell Tenpennny “Black Crow” VS. Tyler Farr “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”), the Northeast Home Free - “What We Ain’t Got” VS. Karli Whetstone - “Frozen” AND Luke Bryan “Spring Breakdown” VS. The Swon Brothers - “Pray For You”), the Southwest (Logan Mize “Can’t Get Away From A Good Time” VS.Blackberry Smoke “Too High” AND Humming House “Frozen” VS. Maddie & Tae “Fly”) and the Northwest (Casey James “Fall Apart” VS. Franke Ballard “Young & Crazy” AND Sam Hunt “Take Your Time” VS Reba “Going Out Like That”).


MVM5 Round Three (Final 4) Results:

With over 7,200 votes, Casey James "Fall Apart" defeated Humming House "Great Divide" with 55% of the Western Region votes while Home Free's "What We Ain't Got" defeated Tyler Farr's "A Guy Walked Into A Bar" with 75% of the vote. So the final round is Casey James "Fall Apart" vs. Home Free's "What We Ain't Got."

How Music Video Madness Works - Final Round:

Final Round Voting will run til Tuesday, April 7 at 11am CT when the winner of the Fifth Annual Music Video Madness will be crowned.

The Games

Now that you know how to play, here are the videos you can vote for. After watching the videos, you can vote at the bottom of the page. You will be able to vote as many times as you like but you will have to vote for each region, just like you'd pick a team in a basketball tournament bracket.

West Champion: Casey James "Fall Apart"


East Champion: Home Free "What We Ain't Got":

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