5th Annual Music Video Madness Poll Page

Use this page to vote if you're having problems on the main voting page.



  • Cathy Endean

    can someone please tell me how I vote for the video I want??? I seem to be only able to vote for the ones, I don't want!!

    • Matt Bjorke

      Vote with Chrome Browser or Safari. If it doesn't seem to be working on your computer. Make sure you're on wifi or hard-lined. If you're using a phone, you must use wifi. It will not work on most phones via data. This is cause of the poll company we used for this.

  • Debbie Lincoln

    I'm still unable to get past the first region on my Mac. Help, please!

  • Mark Sinden

    Of those people I know using Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones, in several countries, all have had to use a non-Safari browser to vote in the poll. Safari doesn't progress beyond the first button. Changing to the "smartphone friendly" link doesn't help them. Doesn't appear to be a Javascript issue.

  • Susan Pedrick

    I sure do wish we could the results of the polling as we go along. Have no idea how our choices are doing. Just sayin

    • acapellaluv

      Susan...Pls update Home Free's Facebook page with this info (I'm having Kindle problems)...Thx! Ams. :)

    • Matt Bjorke

      Us and our Partners prefer to keep those results quiet until each round is completed so there's a level playing field for all artists/videos/fans participating.

  • Roni Jones

    you can only vote for one area, not fair!!! Fix the glitch!!!!

    • Matt Bjorke

      I honestly don't know what to say as I just did this on iPhone's iOS 8.2 and it works just fine. I can only guess that there's an issue with maybe it not being over wifi.

  • Eleanor Dennison

    Matt - Trying to do the Music Video Madness poll on my iPhone 5 running iOS 8.2. When I clicked on the first choice it didn't move on to the next just told me "Thank you for participating in this poll". So I clicked the link for having trouble voting with smartphones & the same thing happened. No big, I'll hit it while at a desk-top, just thought you should know.