Thompson Square Returns with "Racy" New Single

“Trans Am” is the duo’s first single from their upcoming third project for Stoney Creek Records.

Working with Dann Huff for the first time, Stoney Creek Recording artists Thompson Square have certainly amped up their sound in an unexpected way with first single “Trans Am.” Written by the duo with Blair Daly and Nathan Chapman, “Trans Am” has playful lyrics with double entendres while also having melodies which bring a familiar 80s rock n roll feel (but with steel guitars added to the mix) to the whole song.

With a shorter than 3 minute run time, “Trans Am” should get fans excited for the duo’s evolving sound.

“This new music is a very tempo-driven project that probably represents us more than both of its predecessors,” says Keifer Thompson. “'Trans Am’ is a state of mind. It’s about liberation and not being painted into a corner. These new recordings show a more aggressive side of Thompson Square and reflects what fans experience at our live shows. It’s a lot of fun for us.”

In addition to working with Dann Huff, the duo also worked with Mickey Jack Cones on the upcoming project which finds the ACM and CMA award-winning duo breaking free from the corner of the country music map where they were sometimes pigeonholed as the husband and wife team. The new record is an effort to break them out of that perception into the superstar act their live show has always suggested that they are.

Listen to "Trans Am" here!

Photo Credit: Dove Shore.