Luke Bryan “Spring Break…The Set List” ZinePak In Stores Tuesday

Exclusive collector's edition 48 page Magazine and double disc set features entire Spring Break catalog from the superstar.

With 25 songs and seven years under his belt, Luke Bryan is closing down his annual Spring Break series this spring with his final Spring Break…Checkin’ Out EP and physical album (which pulls the 2015 and 2015 EPs together). If you’ve bought the previous CD-length album from 2013, the Spring Break…Here To Party album that pulled the first four years onto one album with a couple new tracks, well, you probably could just get the Spring…Checkin’ Out physical CD and have everything but I’d suggest getting Spring Break…The Set List because not only do you get all the music of the past seven years on two CDs but you also get exclusive year-by-year accounts of the event in Panama City Beach and see how it grew every year into the massive party it is in 2015. You’ll also wee why Luke is winding this down…

“Down the road, do I need to be a 45 year old guy doing spring break songs? Not really.” He says he had fun doing these through his 30s as a participant in the fun time that is spring break but he definitely feels its time to move on, even if his heart will always be found on those beaches where he first went as a youngster from Georgia. The events were a radical experiment for an artist and it is a major component of how Luke came to be the superstar he is now.

The 48 pages of information, stories and pictures about the Spring Break events are well-worth investing in with the Walmart-exclusive Luke Bryan Spring Break…The Setlist from ZinePak. It’s a great companion and collector’s item for the star’s biggest fans and fans of feel-good party music in general.

Buy the Walmart-exclusive Luke Bryan Spring Break…The Setlist from ZinePak at the link in Luke's Tweet above!