Brantley Gilbert’s “One Hell Of An Amen” Based On True Story

The track is the third single from star’s Gold-cetified “Just As I Am” album.

Inspired by a USO tour that he took, Brantley Gilbert wrote “One Hell Of an Amen” based the death of a US military soldier who was like a brother to of one of his closest friends who “witnessed his loss firsthand while serving in active duty in Iraq… My friend shared the story with me to an extent where I felt like I was right there with him… And inspired me to write more than one song, including this one, about him.”

The singer also said that the song was also partly inspired by the loss of a different good friend to cancer. “One Hell Of An Amen” is the third single from Gilbert’s well-received 2014 album released Just As I Am. The song follows the #1 hit “Bottoms Up” and the Top 10 hit “Small Town Throwdown” and it showcases the softer, more vulnerable side of Gilbert’s often gruff exterior. It’s a side he’s explored through story songs on his previous two releases but nothing like it has ever hit the radio until now.



    I've seen Brantley Gilbert 2 times now @ Darien Lake Theme Park. Every time he plays "One He'll Of An Amen", I always cry all the way through it. I had a classmate that I was friends with in High School in 2007. After he graduated from High School, he enlisted in the Army. In 2012 he was killed in Iraq when he got hit with shrapnel from a bomb. Every time this song is played & when he sings "They folded up that flag", it makes me cry. The other thing that I want to say is Thank You to all of our soldiers who are serving in the Armed Forces & are protecting our Country.

  • Kristy

    This song was a favorite the first time I heard it. I have a son going into the military at the end of this month as well as numerous family members who have served and lived through deployments, thankfully. My grandfather passed away July 2013 from lung cancer and he wasn't scared, he said bring it on. He faught it almost 2 full years before it conquered him. When I saw BG perform this live in Atlanta this year, I cried all the way through it. It was so bittersweet and great at the same time.