Sundy Best Chart Their Own Path

"As long as you are yourself, you’re different without trying to be different.”

It seems that everything that rising country duo Sundy Best does with their career is different than everybody else in country music's approach. When Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley perform, its usually just the duo with Jameson’s steady guitar work and Bentley’s percussive beats on the Cajon, an acoustic percussive box/drum instrument. When the band realeases music, it's done when the music is finished. The band’s choice to release two full albums in 2014 (March’s Bring Up The Sun and Salvation City, released this week) is definitely as unique as their musical approach.

“We had written enough material to put out another record so we just jumped at the chance to do it,” said Nick Jamerson. “We didn’t even think of it any more than that.”

“We Signed With eOne in August of last year,” said Kris Bentley. “And we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to release three records in that time.” (2013’s Door Without A Screen was their first eOne project)

The band’s sound has evolved a little bit on the new record, with a fuller, more rocking band sound and it just felt like an evolution of where they’d been going with their expertly-written tunes. “We recorded most of this project while out on the road,” says Bentley. “We really didn’t have time to over-analyze the choices we made on the record, we just let the music do the talking.

And do that they have. The ten track Salvation City practically begs audiences to stand up and sway and sing along to the tunes. The melodies are at once familiar yet fresh with nothing on the album feeling like it doesn’t belong on the radio right along to the Blake Shelton’s, Carrie Underwoods and Zac Brown Band’s of the world.

In fact, if there’s a country music band which Sundy Best most clearly aligns with sonically, it would be Zac Brown Band in that they’re unafraid to chart new waters while staying within the country music world. All of this done while being independent of what one hears on the radio, an independence and difference with Nick Jamerson stating that “As long as you are yourself, you’re different without trying to be different.”

And that pretty much sums up everything one needs to know about Sundy Best and their unique approach to music, a duo who makes a full-bodied, sound and continues to grow and evolve through their albums, Salvation City just being the latest example.